You’re Not Your Car by Jennifer Merritts, CPC

Whether you are young and starting your spiritual journey, or more seasoned and ready to grasp the bigger picture, this book will help you let go of challenges that limit you so you can enjoy the life your Soul intended for you to have. Though the content is deep, it is written in a light, easy to understand way allowing everyone to gain access to spiritual secrets. This book brings clarity to who you are beyond your physical body, and dives into deep topics like why are you here, what are Soul Goals, and how to harness creative energy, as well as a deconstructed look at the Chakras. Readers will also find a clear, easy to understand explanation of what Chakras are and how to actually keep them in balance. Through real case studies, an understanding of Vibrational Frequency, and information on the seldom discussed Universal Energy Field, you can start to make sense of your world from a greater perspective. This book takes you on a path of clarity to understanding death, difficult experiences, and the pitfalls of limiting beliefs and judging. Loaded with descriptive, everyday analogies, you will be able to easily apply this valuable information to your everyday life. Throughout the book, thought provoking questions prompt the reader to gain a better understanding of self and how to meaningfully move up the spiritual ladder. This book was written with all age groups in mind. Let this book help you illuminate the Powerful Creative Being that you are so you can start living your best life now! To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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