You and Your Relationship Journey by Wendy J. Britten

“Why don’t we know about this stuff?” “I wish I’d known this when I was younger.” These are examples of comments people have made after recognising their own relationship patterns and overcoming their blind spots, some after multiple failed relationships. Fortunately, all of us can reinvent ourselves and write a new script for our lives. You and Your Relationship Journey provides guidance on how to become more discerning about choosing a suitable partner and identify initial attractions that can lead to difficulties. Getting to know ourselves authentically, while learning how to fully accept and approve of ourselves, provides the cornerstone to solving this dilemma. The wealth of information provided here can guide you into making healthy choices. You’ll learn how to get relationships off to a good start so you can avoid common pitfalls. Author Wendy J. Britten offers decades of personal and clinical experience and lays out concepts from relationship experts. With her help, you can gain clear guidance for making good relationship choices. To learn more or order the book:

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