Where Your Happiness Hides by Mark Worthington; Sue Thompson

'Where Your Happiness Hides' gives readers hope for a happier life. Even before the pandemic, many people struggled to find consistent fulfillment. This has been exaggerated in the turbulent times we have all been witness to recently. This book shines a light on why happiness is so elusive, and where to find it. It doesn't just leave you guessing as to what may be blocking your happiness, it spells out the top 22 core beliefs that most people are likely to be struggling with, and shows them how to undertake a wonderful journey of personal transformation. Happiness is a habit and a choice, and this book shows readers how they can transform their lives into a bold, exciting adventure, and grow through the challenges they face. ‘Where Your Happiness Hides’ is the perfect companion for its follow-up book, ‘Reaching the Gold Standard of Leadership’, which is anticipated to be released later in 2022, and is written by the same inspiring authors. This second book provides ground breaking direction on how organisations can be similarly transformed to reach amazing levels of happiness and success. You won’t want to miss either of these exciting and life changing books. Together, they could transform your world in so many wonderful ways! To learn more or order the book:

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