What It Takes To Go From $0 To MILLIONAIRE In 3 Years – Here’s What To Do… | Tom Bilyeu

Attain Your Potential – Download the FREE Impact 90 Challenge Start Pack: bit.ly/3hr3zBi Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: https://bit.ly/3F8qOJL On Today's Episode: So you want to be wealthy and financially free in 3 years? It’s not an impossible dream, stranger things have happened, but there are a few things to consider and today’s episode is food for thought on if you know the money game well enough to build your wealth and get rich in 3 years. Tom is giving a masterclass on all the things he’s learned from building multiple multi-million dollar businesses over the years. He isn’t someone that’s rich because he came from a wealthy family. Tom is the successful entrepreneur he is because he took some hard lumps from life alone the way of figuring out that digging in his sofa for enough change to put gas in his car wasn’t the way he wanted to live. In this episode Tom is joined by David, Noelle, and George, answering their questions about what it takes to build the kind of wealth most of us believe would be amazing. Tom doesn’t claim to be a money expert, but does say with confidence that he’s learned to get very good at making money. The key to getting rich he’s learned is understanding that this is a money game, and you can’t win the game until you learn the rules. So, when you say you want to be rich or you think about how awesome it would be to actually start building the kind of wealth that changes the way your future grandchildren will live, make sure you become a “die hard executor” and know your risk tolerance. What does ‘being rich’ or ‘wealthy’ mean to you? QUOTES: “Create something that generates a lot of value.” “I would rather get people thinking about how do I build a business that’s doing a million dollars in revenue.” “Get partners that you don’t have to pay that you know are going to work as hard as you and they’re good at something that you’re not.” “I don’t think you’re ever going to get what I would call wealthy in the short-term without an entrepreneurial mindset.” “Unfortunately, a lot of people think that thinking about something moves me forward…” “It’s not about a money mindset, it’s about mastering the game. Money is a game.” “If you’re an entrepreneur you take risks, if you’re not don’t.” Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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