Uncontainable by Lucy Shepherd

A chance meeting with a Peruvian Shaman in Paris, took Grace on a big journey of control, judgement, a dark place and the mental health system. Modern day:’ One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ Fat pills, labels and narrow-minded doctors. Uncontainable …. How many of us have been contained by others, fear, judgement, rules and by ourselves, wanting to fit in, not stand out in a crowd, not questioning things. ‘What other people think of me is none of my business’ Well, if you have had enough of conforming, complying, being controlled and contained, giving away your power willingly, maybe just maybe it’s time to unleash a bit of the wild women or man that s inside us all. Be uncontainable. Have fun follow your heart, trust your built-in intuition, talk to strangers and always smile. To learn more or order the book:

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