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Learn how to build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: Join the Kyzen journey inside my Discord here: On Today's Episode: If changing your life is high on your priority list and you're trying to hack your way to the most successful and fulfilling life possible, then sleep has to be high on your list of things to fix. You can’t be hardcore and about that hustle life and still avoiding the sleep conversation. The holy trinity for optimal health is sleep, diet and exercise. “ If you want to optimize your mindset you have to take care of your health.” Tom Bilyeu In this must watch episode, you’re not only getting 6 of 10 strategies Tom lives by to execute at a ridiculously high level every day, you’re also getting everything you need in one place to drive home the point that sleep is foundational to good health, better decision making, and all of the effort you’re putting into changing your life to succeed and play hard/ Suboptimal sleep is killing your productivity, whether you like it or not sleep absolutely matters. Find out your chronotype with the Morningness-Eveningness Survey: Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author (Sleep Smarter), health podcaster, health and fitness expert with an incredible story that brought him into the world of health. Check out his full Impact Theory episode on How to Sleep Smarter: Matthew Walker is a Professor of Neuroscience and psychology at University of California, Berkeley. He is a bestselling author of the book, Why We Sleep. Find out more about How You’re Sleeping Wrong in this Impact Theory episode: Dan Pardi is the CEO if HumanOS. He does research at Stanford University and is the Chief Health Architect with Restore Hyper Wellness. Watch his full Impact Theory episode for even more Sleeping Hacks: For the full list of Tom Bilyeu’s 10 Tips for Better Sleep and the full episode on his Sleep Routine for High Performance click here: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Sleep Hacks 13:34 | This Will Optimize Your Sleep
38:41 | Way to Fix Poor Sleep Quality
1:03:00 | Change Your Bad Habits QUOTES: “I know now that our sleep quality is more important than our diet and exercise combined.” Shawn Stevenson [15:07] “This isn’t called sleep more, it’s called sleep smarter.” Shawn Stevenson [17:21] “Get the tech out of your room, have your bedroom be a sleep sanctuary.” Shawn Stevenson [35:44] “Dreaming is a way for us to understand the world in which we live and we can do it while we are awake.” Matthew Walker [42:01] “We need to have some degree of self-compassion when it comes to sleep.” Matthew Walker [50:51] “A lot of things that are good for us might be what I call ‘the meaningful, but invisible.’” Dan Pardi [1:04:32] “If you want to optimize for your health you have to optimize your mindset. If you want to optimize your mindset you have to take care of your health.” Tom Bilyeu [1:08:51] “Spend enough time in bed so that you wake naturally, […] Allow for complete sleep to happen.” Dan Pardi [1:11:14] “A little bit of the stimulus aides in the depth of sleep and too much can overwhelm it.”[1:13:20] Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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