TRY IT FOR 7 DAYS – The 1% Are Doing This EVERYDAY! | Eric Thomas on Impact Theory

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: On Today's Episode: Greatness isn’t reserved for the lucky or privileged few. Success and wealth isn’t a right that anyone has been denied by bad luck of the draw either. Possibility is within your control when you learn to use the pain and live the life you’ve been given better than anyone else and you learn to see opportunities. But you have to execute to make sh*t happen! Eric Thomas has been motivating people for years and is bringing his energy and passion to Impact Theory to share the keys to success. Eric, also known as the hip-hop preacher, is a speaker, an entrepreneur, educator, and author. He’s taken the hard path in life, not by choice, and learned how to achieve greatness by relentlessly executing. You can achieve greatness but you have to take action and be accountable to yourself first and foremost. Think about what it is that you want to be best at and give that your total focus. Tom often says, ‘action cures all’ and Eric is living proof that action is a must once and once you release all of your excuses, you can become unstoppable. “If there’s another mountain to climb, climb it!” -Eric Thomas Check Out Eric’s latest book, You Owe You, Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Eric Thomas
0:16 | This One Thing Achieves Greatness
4:24 | Cultivate a Winning Mindset
11:15 | The Real Power of Belief
21:11 | Break Up With Your Excuses 27:51 | You’re The Only One In Your Way
35:47 | Hold Yourself More Accountable
41:40 | Focus on Winning Life’s Challenge
51:00 | Become Unstoppable QUOTES: “Most people go wrong because they think it’s a feeling when execution is a fact.” [1:32] “You still have to do life regardless of how you come into life.” [6:11] “Instead of you looking at everything that’s not, look at what is.” [23:04] “We have opportunity, whatever you do don’t waste it! Don’t cry about it! Get up and go make it happen!” [25:06] “I’m too scared not to try. I’m too scared not to take the risk, I’m all in.” [32:40] “How can you hold another human that responsible, but you don’t hold yourself responsible?” [38:36] “If you want to complain, go for it. I will rise to the level of the challenge.” [45:37] “The man or woman who’s unprepared for a challenge will probably not come out of it the way he or she wants to come out of it.” [46:11] “When I was younger I thought I had to address every human that said something to me.” [49:21] “We have the ability to, no matter what our circumstances are, get better.” [53:12] “Yes it takes a lot of work to become a new model, but it also takes a lot of work to suck, to be average…” [53:52] “Greatness is in you, activate it!” [59:48] Follow Eric Thomas:
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