True Love by Yvette Kinchen

Everyone seeks true love outside of themselves, but the true source and fulfillment of the deepest love lies within. In True Love, author Yvette Kinchen offers a testament to the healing and curative power of love, helping you embark on a journey of self-restoration and to awaken your transcendence. Much has been written about and spoken of romantic love, but Kinchen explores self-revelation and divine restoration through the path of love. She delves into the many facets and misconceptions of love and prescribes ways of working personally with love as a kindred spirit, a guide, an energy, and an inherent framework and reality that encompasses everything. True Love breaks down the journey of love into relatable and actionable concepts that inspire perception shifts and changes to bring about love as the primary reality experienced inside and out. It unlocks and encourages a sacred remembrance for those ready to embody their soul’s love and awaken their divine magic within. Kinchen presents a new world view, in correspondence with the changes collectively underway in humanity and on the planet. She uses her personal experiences and healing sequences to illustrate what’s possible and to demonstrate how to work with the body, psyche, and divine intentionally to create changes and shifts in your reality. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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