These Technologies Will Change the World | Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler on Conversations w/ Tom

This episode is sponsored by Blinkist. Go to Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Flying cars, virtual reality, quantum computing, genetic modification, artificial intelligence, migration into space, a real-life holodeck… Things that once seemed impossible are now becoming reality, and they are becoming reality much faster than most people had predicted. It’s not just that things are changing rapidly, it’s that the pace of change itself is speeding up. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, two of the world’s leading futurists, Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, join with Tom Bilyeu for a discussion of the future of technology, culture and the human mind. This future is brighter, wealthier, more abundant and filled with more meaning than most of us could have believed, and it may be coming faster than anyone is prepared for. SHOW NOTES: Flying cars are even cooler than anyone expected [1:03]
The rate of change is much faster than anyone thinks [5:22]
Tom doesn’t even own a car, and hardly anyone rents a car any more [6:03]
Quantum computing has been taking huge leaps forward [7:52]
A company is now 3D printing rockets [10:33]
3D printed houses will be three or four times cheaper than current houses [13:33]
The rate of change is so rapid that people become afraid, but they shouldn’t be [16:17]
What can be done if you’re seriously averse to loss, or afraid of change? [17:53]
We’ve forgotten how fast things have changed already [20:38]
We turn thoughts into things. What’s the difference between insight and intuition? [24:36]
What will happen when we all have a version of Jarvis? [27:53]
There will soon be brain to computer connection, and even brain to brain connection [30:53]
Perhaps by the 2030’s we’ll be able to directly connect from our brains to the cloud [33:59]
The panel discusses how virtual reality and AI could really mess up human relationships [35:11]
What will happen when Jarvis or Alexa hears all your arguments with your spouse? [38:59]
Peter brings up the problem of deep fakes [40:20]
Is the rate of change so fast that we are just falling into things instead of creating them? [42:48]
How do you change people’s frame of reference? [46:53]
We create our own futures, limitations and expansive abilities [50:30]
We will create more wealth in the next decade than we did in the last century [52:41]
Hardly anyone writes near-future fiction any more because things change too fast [57:31]
Peter talks about how new technologies will change real estate, business and storage [1:00:58]
Peter and Tom discuss the need to be monomaniacal as an entrepreneur [1:04:29]
How do we create a hopeful, compelling and abundant future? [1:07:05]
The panel discusses gene modification [1:09:19]
What are the ethics behind genetic modification? [1:14:52]
There are already contacts that have augmented reality and virtual reality [1:20:13]
Creating meta-intelligence and migration into space [1:24:57]
Peter describes his experiences with plant medicine [1:29:04]
Steven describes the potential downsides of plant medicine [1:40:52]
In the next 20 years the human race will start irreversibly moving off the planet [1:42:01]
We are getting very close to being able to constantly being in flow [1:46:56]
What happens when VR becomes more meaningful than physical life? [1:50:02]
Steven discusses learning to control dopamine [1:53:18]
We will have more control of our own experiences in the future [1:55:06] BOOKS MENTIONED: “Abundance: The Future Is Brighter Than You Think”, Diamandis and Kotler
“The Future is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives.” Peter Diamandis FOLLOW PETER: WEBSITE:

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