These QUICK CHANGES to Your Diet Will Have the Most Impact on FAT LOSS

This episode is brought to you by Impact Theory University’s 2nd Anniversary. Take advantage of almost 40% off our annual price by going to If you want to try out a free Mindset 101 class go to Weight loss is a billion dollar industry that has seen more diet fads and failed attempts than anything else. Living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated and overpriced. Literally, making the smallest changes consistently over time to your diet and physical activity is a habit worth forming that will pay dividends in the long run. This episode features five amazing experts that have joined the show in the past and shared their expert knowledge that will change your life forever, but only if you decide to apply it. Links for the full episodes are listed below for you, make sure to check them out and get to work on being a better version of you today than you were yesterday. SHOW NOTES: Habits | Drew Manning, focusing on the process, forming the right diet & exercise habits [0:14]
Eating Habits | Liz Josefsburg explains how eating habits are easier to change than you think Calories | Dr. Jason Fung on why you can’t count calories, focus on hormones instead [6:01]
Control | Liz Josefsburg on how you can enjoy the foods you love and control your urges [9:31]
Carbohydrates | Dr Jason Fung explains why carbs can be problematic and complex [12:17]
Fasting | Dave Asprey exposes how to fast without hunger and starving yourself[16:16]
Sleep Impact | Shawn Stevenson shares how melatonin is involved in weight loss [23:36] Mindset | Drew Manning on the mental and emotional side of weight loss [26:30]
Credibility | Liz Josefsburg shares what it means to earn credibility with yourself [30:33]
Small Wins | Drew Manning on the importance of the small wins and affirmations [31:38] QUOTES: “If we could just get people to focus on the process of the habits that make a healthy lifestyle rather than the results, then I think the results will take care of themselves.” Drew Manning [2:43] “If you cut 500 calories a day down, you will lose a pound of body fat a week, it's actually not true in any way, shape or form. It's not the total number of calories, that's important. It's what your body does with those calories. And that depends on hormones” Dr. Jason Fung [8:58] “Once you understand your physiology and your physical, physical response to just the seeing of food, you can begin to navigate and control those urges a little bit more.” Liz Josefsburg [11:57] “ You don't have to experience pain and hunger to get the benefits of fasting and to go into fasting.” [17:03] “Intermittent fasting will help everybody, even on a complete crap diet. However, you'll be more hungry during an intermittent fast if you eat crap.” [20:56]
“Fasting the same way every day is bad for you. Because it doesn't lend your body the idea of metabolic flexibility.” [22:45] “The mental, emotional, and even spiritual side are all parallel. And like, there has to be a complete transformation. Otherwise, it's just going to be a diet that people do for 30 or 60 days.” [35:08] Check Out The Full Episodes Included Here: Drew Manning: Liz Josefsburg: Dr. Jason Fung: Shawn Stevenson: Dave Asprey: TAGS: Drew Manning, Liz Josefsburg, Dr. Jason Fung, Shawn Stevenson, Dave Asprey, Health Theory, Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory, motivation, inspiration, interview, exercise, eating habits, better food choices, diet choices, how to lose weight, healthy weight loss, weight loss, healthy fats, overweight, need to lose weight, body weight, HIIT, what to eat, health breakfast, fasting, eating less calories, tired of dieting, physical exercise, fitness, low carb. Keto, low fat diets, carbs, carbohydrates, healthy habits, positive affirmations YOUTUBE CHAPTER NOTES: 0:00 | Intro
2:56 | Why we eat what we eat
8:54 | Do not count calories
13:28 | What to eat
16:08 | Why carbs can be problematic
20:16 | Fasting Benefits
27:35 | Sleep Impact 30:28 | Psychology of weight loss

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