These Experts REVEAL How You Can REVERSE AGING and Stay Young LONGER

This episode is sponsored by Ombre Lab. To get $30 off your Gut Health testing kit and probiotics — go to: How much have you entertained the idea of living forever, living past 100 years, or at the very least living wrinkle free well into your 70s? The anti-aging services market is projected to reach $35.4 billion by 2026! People are obviously interested in staying younger longer or living longer than ever before. Beyond physical youth, what should you consider when thinking of longevity? We are presenting 7 experts across different mediums of health to give you the 7 best tips for living a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life. We start with the aging expert, Dr. David Sinclair, explaining why stress is best when you allow proper recovery, and take you through tips on exercise and exploring why longevity without quality of life may not be too appealing. If you’re interested in diving deeper into the full episode with any of these experts, you can link to their full Health Theory episodes here:
David Sinclair: Peter Attia: Gabrielle Lyon: Ben Greenfield: Naomi Whittel:
Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos: Mark Sisson: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction 0:34 | TIP #1 Stress Your Body
06:21 | TIP #2 Eat High Quality Proteins
12:46 | TIP #3 Exercise the Right Amount
20:05 | TIP #4 Exercise the Right Way
27:03 | TIP #5 Activate Autophagy
33:58 | TIP #6 Sleep Better
37:03 | TIP #7 Focus on Quality of Life QUOTES: “What is beneficial for you, when you're young, come back to bite you when you're old. “ David Sinclair [5:20] “A lot of people who are literally pushing themselves with two day, or exercising hard, more than 60 minutes a day, you see a law of diminishing returns, and an increased risk of mortality.” Ben Greenfield [15:17] “Most people who exercise can't actually tell you why they're doing what they're doing, […] and I think the sport should be being the most kick ass 100 year old that ever lived.” Peter Attia [20:49] “Autophagy is like this brilliance within ourselves. And there's so many ways to activate it. And there are so many ways to deactivate it. You don't always want to keep it on” Naomi Whittel [29:35] “I'm of that mindset that what defines my enjoyment of life right now is partly offset by the knowledge that it ain't gonna be there one day.” Mark Sisson [37:24] Follow David Sinclair: Follow Peter Attia: Follow Dr. Gabrille Lyon: Follow Ben Greenfield: Follow Naomi Whittel: Follow Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos: Follow Mark Sisson:

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