The Whole Wide World by Robin Amiri

Leila was a young mother. A vibrant, passionate, and beautiful woman, she enjoyed a full, busy life and adored her young daughter. But slowly, her physical health declined. At first ignored and then misdiagnosed by medical professionals, she found herself on a debilitating journey toward increasing pain and worsening illness. Through everything, from cruel and callous caregivers to miraculous angels who saved her life multiple times, from spending the last year of her life being moved from one hospital to another, she never gave up her desire to be a loving mother to her daughter. She spent as much of her energy and remaining lifetime providing her little girl a strong, nurturing base from which to grow and live her own life. In The Whole Wide World, author Robin Amiri offers a true story of her daughter to help those who find themselves in similar circumstances, battling a serious and debilitating illness and the bureaucracy and red tape of the medical field, insurance industry, and governmental assistance. It’s an exhortation to anyone in this situation to advocate on their own behalf, and on behalf of loved ones. It’s a recommendation to face the truth of medical realities while also bringing love and hopefulness into those realities. This biography is about love, commitment, honesty, and truth. About recognizing what’s most important. And about hope, loss, grief, devotion and, ultimately, life. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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