The TRUTH About Why Our Boys Are STRUGGLING & And How We Can Fix It | Warren Farrell

This episode is sponsored by Future. Future makes one on one training available to our audience for just $19 Go to Sign up to crush your fitness goals! We are living through interesting times where gender roles are an ongoing heated discussion. Tempers and passion flare from all sides, but what we cannot ignore is the damage being done to both boys and girls. There have been intense movements that even though they are noble they have caused damage along the way socially in the psyche of young boys and girls. If you follow Tom you’ve heard him say time and time again, we are all having a biological experience. What does this biological experience become when society and doctrine contradict and suppress the nature of our biological experiences? Dr. Warren Farrell joins Tom to discuss his latest book, The Boy Crisis, Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It. The resolution as Dr. Warren states begins with understanding different sides of the argument. Learning how to steel man the opposing sides' argument will help create a foundation where the real problem, lack of father involvement and fatherless homes, can be addressed for the sake of our boys (and girls). “The boy crisis resides where dads do not reside.” -Dr. Warren Farrell Whether you are a father, mother, teacher, leader or fatherless child yourself, this conversation is not to be ignored and forgotten. Check out Warren Farrell’s new book, The Boy Crisis: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Warren Farrel
1:25 | Hear Opposing Perspectives
9:04 | Steel Man Arguments
22:47 | Disposability of Men
28:55 | Missing Fathers & The Boy Crisis
31:27 | Checks & Balances Parenting
45:11 | Catch 22 of Work & Family
49:17 | Be Your Partner’s Hero
56:02 | Falling In Love With Superman
59:29 | Learned Gender Roles
1:10:39 | The Myth of Male Power
1:23:08 | Lack of Father Involvement QUOTES: “Knowing how to listen to different perspectives is more important than the rightness or the wrongness of your perspective.” [2:30] “Whenever someone is angry, that angry anger is almost always vulnerability’s mask…” [3:37] “The boy crisis resides where dads do not reside.” [29:05] “The children that do the best are the ones that have an involved biological mom and dad.” [32:32] “One of the biggest mistakes that CEO types make is using their skill sets as a CEO to solve their wife's problem…” [48:21] “The way to protect her is by hearing her through and hearing her out. That is the solution. So you have to reformulate the method you use to protect.” [51:20] “I become her hero by helping her become her own hero.” [53:43] “The second they start realizing that you will provide complete safety for their perspective, there's no reason to shout, there's no reason to exaggerate. There's no reason to lie.” [58:24] “We have this natural instinct to protect women and therefore create freedoms for them, and to not want men to complain, without looking at them with disgust, or with at least pity.” [1:06:51] “The new future man is one who can respect himself if he's a natural warrier on the battlefield, […], but also can respect yourself and know that you're needed by your family, to be more involved with your family on an everyday level.” [1:29:14] Follow Warren Farrell:
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