The TOP FOODS You Absolutely Should Not Eat To LIVE LONGER! | Dr. William Li

SUBSCRIBE to our NEW Tom Bilyeu Español Channel: FREE Workshop Build IRONCLAD discipline: On Today's Episode: If we made eating for optimal health a priority at every meal, we’d all be super healthy, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies would be out of business and processed food manufacturers would have to turn into farmers to survive. The problem with adopting a healthy diet isn’t that people don’t want to be healthy, the problem is that there are so many misleading and contradictory messages out there that even when you decide to eat healthy you’re still tricked into consuming sugar, chemicals, artificial coloring and everything else that causes metabolic disease and poor gut microbiomes. So let’s just focus on the widespread messages that are common among several experts in the field and make at least one improve today to live a healthier and happier tomorrow. Dr. William Li is a Harvard trained medical doctor, researcher and the NY Times bestselling author of the book, Eat to Beat Disease. Listen to his full interview with Tom, The Best Foods that Heal the Body: David Perlmutter is a neurologist, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and the NY TImes bestseller of Uric Acid. Check out his full Health Theory episode, This Causes Disease, The Worst Foods You Need to Avoid: Dr. Steven Gundry is a former cardiac surgeon and the bestselling author of The Energy Paradox. You can watch his full interview with Tom, Don’t Eat This or Else: JJ Virgin is a nutrition and weight loss expert as well as a NY TImes best selling author of the Virgin Diet. Her full episode with Tom covers the real impact of sugar and how your mindset creates miracles. Catch the full episode, Sugar Conspiracy Revealed: Dr. Drew Ramsey is a food shrink, nutritional psychiatrist, medical advisor and bestselling author of Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety. Watch his full interview, Diet Mistakes that Cause Depression and Anxiety: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Dr. William Li
0:22 | Avoid Non-Organic Foods!
23:41 | Avoid Fructose Foods
51:55 | Big Diet Mistakes
1:16:02 | Sneaky Sugars
1:33:20 | Bonus: Best Food For You QUOTES: “Food isn't just food, it’s not just sustenance, it’s actually part of our lives…” Dr. William Li [1:37] “A tumor blood vessel is much more vulnerable to either food or drug.” Dr. William Li [13:02] “Our proclivity to finding sweet things, […] makes us gravitate toward sweet. We consume fructose and that triggers a powerful mechanism in our bodies to make fat, to store fat…” Dr. David Perlmutter [28:35] “Getting your metabolic house in order is a powerful way to decrease your Alzheimer's risk.” Dr. David Perlmutter [40:08] “I think everyone who has a disease has a leaky gut.” Dr. Steven Gundry [54:42] “When I see someone with an external skin problem it’s always a reflection of what’s happening in the gut.” Dr. Steven Gundry [1:02:00] “You are what you eat, but you are what the thing you’re eating ate.” Dr. Steven Gundry [1:10:47] “I’m obsessed with you being your own personal health detective and being able to connect the dots between how you feel and what you’re eating.” JJ Virgin [1:24:54] Follow William Li:
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