THE SUCCESS TRAP: Everything You Know About Fulfillment & Happiness IS WRONG! | Matthew McConaughey

RESTART your life in 7 days: Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: On Today's Episode: What if the key to success and happiness you imagine is totally wrong? Maybe you think success is to be chased and happiness will happen when you finally arrive at the destination you set out for years ago. Matthew McConaughey, the Academy-Award winning actor and New York Times bestselling author of the incredible book about his approach to life, Greenlights, is sharing his wisdom, revelations, and lessons on what’s been true for him in the pursuit of happiness and levels of success most only dream of. Achieving success and happiness in your life requires you to learn how to hold competing ideas at the same time. It’s knowing when to go all in and go hard for what you envision and what gives you joy and energy. It’s also knowing when to step back and appreciate where you are on your journey because those moments matter and they keep you grounded. Matthew has created a free virtual event, The Art of Livin, to help others get the results they’re looking for in pursuit of happiness and success. In this conversation he reveals to Tom why the vision he often chased was rarely what he thought it would be when he started the pursuit. Check out Matthew’s Free Virtual Live Event April 24th: QUOTES: “The headline I chase is always different than I thought it would be when I got there.” “I got more results when I got obsessed with the process than I did when I was chasing results.” “We have to start admitting more, not judging, […] let’s admit the lies that we tell ourselves, let’s admit the lies that we believe the world tells us.” “The more truly selfish we are to serve ourselves, the more we can serve others.” “Commitment to get obsessed with making something work is a wonderful freedom.” Follow Matthew McConaughey:
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