The Stoic Advice Every Man Learns Too Late In Life | Ryan Holiday

Are you ready to experience YouTube like never before? Is tapping into your full potential, setting new PRs, and becoming unstoppable your highest priority? Then YouTube Premium is what you need today! Click the link below for a free month of Premium and unlock a world of exclusive content. Restart Your Life in 7 Days: We have held a lot of conversations exploring both the red pill and blue pill communities. Between the dating crisis, the mating crisis and toxic masculinity being metaphorically spray-painted over every masculine-centric conversation, we’re here for more incredible conversations that move the narrative forward and extrapolate the best ideas so that you can start to unpack and think through masculinity in a novel way that empowers you and the men in your life. Today, I have repeat guests and one of our fan favorites, Ryan Holiday joining me to weigh in on the discussion and orient us around how the stoic philosophies of Marcus Aurelius stand to the ideology of Tate and the red pill community’s narrative. Do YouTubers and influencers hold the key to masculinity, not being taken for weak or unsuccessful? Or does Marcus Aurelius and the ancient stoic philosophers have more to teach us on the idea of true masculinity, strength and control. This episode pushes you for answers many of these YouTubers and Influencers are reaching beyond truth to answer. Ryan Holiday lays out the following key points and so much more you cannot miss: – 4 Stoic Virtues the Red & Blue Pillers Can All Build Their Life Around
– The True Essence of Power and Masculinity (Are you aligned with the algorithm or actual fulfillment in your life?)
– How Only Fans Has Made Slaves of Men’s Values & Beliefs
– ‘Stoics never cry’ and therefore neither should men is bullsh*t
– What you need to know about yourself to not get red-pilled
– The social media distortion that’s got you too dizzy to aim at anything If you’ve pondered “valid” points from the red or blue pill communities, how has it shaped your view of masculinity and what are you externally looking to for guidance on how to be a man that knows truth and power for himself? If you’re a woman in this space, how has this shaped the conversations with the men in your life? RYAN HOLIDAY STOIC TRUTH BOMBS: "It's great to be driven to try to do things. But the Stoics would say, are those things driving you or are you driving them right? Or what are you a slave to? Who's actually in control of your life?” “You can't control what happens to you, but you can control how you react.” “You control who you are right now, what you do in this moment, and the decision to be a responsible adult.” “I'm not going to blame other people for the fact that I am undesired, that I am unhappy, that I am unsuccessful.” “In life momentum is an incredible thing and oftentimes we despair of some destination, some far off change or transformation because we don't see how we're going to get there when really we should be focused on what the most immediate, attainable, realistic next thing is.” “The awkwardness of being bad or not visibly successful at a thing is a very underrated skill.” “They want that outcome, but they're totally paralyzed and intimidated by the process of being a nobody at that thing for a long period of time” "We say men shouldn't be emotional, but we are very indulgent of men's tempers, […] I've never lost my temper and then been proud afterwards.” “I think of Stoicism as a philosophy, I do think about it as something that's not masculine or feminine, but that it's something human.” “The practice of looking for a reason or looking for something to understand or pity even in other people is a practice I've taken out of being a parent.” “Being the person who is principled and strict is what matters, and what's right and wrong is important, but so is compromise and collaboration.” “If you don't know what your values are, if you don't know what you stand for, if you don't know what you're trying to get to, and then you're just scrolling on your phone, then the algorithm is just serving you up what's most engaging.” “I didn't build this audience to not say what I think. I built the audience by saying what I think needs to be said, and that's what I have to keep doing. Otherwise I don't have the audience. The audience has me.” Follow Ryan Holiday:
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