The SHOCKING Anti-Aging Hacks To Look 10 Years YOUNGER (Reverse Aging) | Kashif Kahn

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: There are some of you that can quickly move on, take the logical information, and not get attached to the emotional part of a situation. There are also some of you that have a hard time not thinking about the bad things that happened. For you, it’s hard to move past a situation because you are tied to the emotion as if it just happened, and don’t move on as easily. What if your genetics had just as much to do with your response or lack of response as did the trauma and external factors that we typically attribute to our personality? The secrets that our genetics reveal about us as a species and as individuals is what Kashif Khan, founder and CEO of the DNA Company is joining us to discuss. He gave a Tedx Talk, How Genetics is About to Change the Way You Parent, and has been part of the largest genetic research to date. In your genetics are the links between your ability to be a high achiever, having depression and how quickly you can process trauma and other emotional situations. 3 things that Kashif warns us are part of what’s aging us and causing poor health is inflammation, lack of detoxification, and poor oxidation. This episode is about the importance of knowing the context you are designed for so that you can thrive. QUOTES: “The answer isn’t, here’s what everybody should do, it’s more that the answer is personalized.” [1:01] “That belief that 99% of people won’t take the pill, it’s that 99% of people were given the prescription in a way that doesn’t align to their thinking. They will all take the pill if you understand how they think.” [27:56] “The context you’re in will determine your result.” [31:38] “This is the misconception that your genes are your destiny. They are your destiny if you don’t understand them and you’re doing everything wrong, and for the most part we aren’t designed for our current reality.” [38:51] “Of the 30,000 some odd genes in your body, 10%[ of your genes require vitamin D to function.” [39:40] “66% of women will die on their first cardiovascular event with zero symptoms or warning signs, […] because of the cofactor of estrogen toxicity [49:50] “Your DNA is telling you who you are in your brain function, your cardiovascular function, […] The things you’re doing are going to pull you in directions, one way or the other. When it comes to mood and behavior you have to be in the right context.” [1:39:15] Follow Kashif Khan: Website: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram:

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