The ROOT CAUSE Of Weight Gain, Diabetes & Dementia! (HOW TO PREVENT IT) | Dr. David Perlmutter

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: The secret is out… What you eat and consume is tied directly to the majority of the diseases that shorten our lifespan and quality of life. Given that sugar is literally hidden in nearly anything you eat and is everywhere in your local food store, the fight to beat diet-related diseases is tricky. Even when you think you’re eating healthy, chances are there is a sneaky element of poor nutrition at play, which makes medical professionals like Dr. David Perlmutter beyond frustrated. Dr. Perlmutter is a board certified neurologist and fellow with the American College of Nutrition who has published multiple bestselling books on diet and better brain health. This episode is a masterclass on uric acid and its role in metabolic health. It’s possible to fix your diet through good practice, and Dr. Perlmutter is generous with the information he shares that will allow you to make an individualized best assessment for yourself. Your diet and lifestyle are not to be ignored or disregarded for anyone serious about preventing disease. Lack of information leads to unconscious destruction of your gut and havoc being unleashed in your system. Inflammatory problems and metabolic problems can ultimately be addressed with simple, consistent, intentional dietary changes. Some of David’s best advice is to know your uric acid levels and stop eating fructose. QUOTES: “70 percent of the manufactured foods in America today, if it has a barcode and its in the grocery store, it has added sweeteners.” [1:06] “It’s quite clear that 100% of humans alive today or who have ever lived have this genetic issue with the uric enzyme cannot break down uric acid.” [21:19] “Instead of trying to patch up these problems, the idea of letting our genes keep us healthy, it’s kindness, it’s about reconnecting to that incredibly beautiful gift that we’ve received from all who have come before us.” [53:37] “What we choose to do rewires our brain and changes our thinking.” [58:51] “When we’re deranged in our metabolic lives it sets the stage for all the bad things you don’t want to get.” [59:42] “Fructose is the signal then that prepares us for not having any food.” [1:06:42] Follow David Perlmutter:
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