The Robot Who Became A Human by Anton Broers

A meeting with Rama, an enlightened master, starts Dax on a quest of self-realization. Dax is sent to meet modern-day sages around the world to extract the deep wisdom of life. Dax soon realizes that he is led by the mindset he unconsciously acquired. He is not free; he lives a robotic life. Under the loving guidance of Rama, Dax discovers what causes suffering and stress, and sees the invisible prison of limitations that binds us. Learning from wise teachers, Dax uncovers his own inner power and finds the freedom that was missing in his life. He discovers what it takes to become the author of his own life story. Based on the author’s lifelong search for truth and the spiritual experiences he had along the way, this book shares ancient wisdom secrets that create happiness, success, fulfilment, and freedom. Wisdom that leads to inner awakening. An inspirational learning adventure, this book will guide you to live the life of your dreams. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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