The REAL “Law Of Attraction” Part NOBODY Talks About! (Focus On This) | Tom Bilyeu

Learn how to build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: On Today's Episode: The law of attraction may sound mystical and more like pseudoscience depending on who you’re listening to, but today we want to break down law of attraction into practical parts so that you can look beyond what seems to be impractical and you can find the real application and use of the law of attraction, now! Your beliefs matter, your thoughts greatly impact emotions and how you respond, your habits dictate what you continually reinforce and revisit every day, and the best part is that you decide what you think about. You choose the positive and negative thoughts to either empower your behavior or disempower your behavior. John Assaraf is the mindset and behavioral expert also known as “The Brain Whisperer.” He’s a neuroscience researcher, serial entrepreneur and NY Times bestselling author. Check out his full Impact Theory episode here: Ken Honda owns and manages several businesses He shares his financial experiences coupled with personal development in his bestselling book, Happy Money. Watch his full episode with Tom, Zen Millionaire Secrets here: Isaac Lidsky is a NY Times bestselling author and entrepreneur. His recent Ted Talk, What reality are you creating for yourself?, has over 3.5 million views. Catch his full interview with Tom, Reshape Reality: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Law of Attraction
0:20 | How to Actually Rewire Your Brain
27:21 | How to Build Abundance
51:36 | How to Control Your Life QUOTES: “We know most of the how to for most anything that anybody wants to do in this timeframe that we live in, […] the harder part of the equation is why am I not doing the things that I know I should be doing, and why am I not doing the things that I could find out easily how to do.” John Assaraf [4:07] “We all have a story, […] and that story keeps recreating our lives over and over again…” John Assaraf [6:53] “Emotions and feelings aren’t positive or negative. They’re empowering or disempowering to varying degrees if you don’t understand them.” John Assaraf [12:46] “Wealth is an attitude. If you feel like you’re so happy and so content with what you have, you’re already wealthy, but if you have to struggle everyday and you cannot find happiness either in your business or in personal life, you’re not wealthy even if you have millions in your bank account.” Ken Honda [28:11] We are so afraid of money, and so as much as we want money, we’re so scared of it.” Ken Honda [30:14] “Unless you show respect to money, the money coming in, money coming out both ways you cannot feel peaceful around money.” Ken Honda [33:06] “You have to think in a new way that is advantageous, but you have to act in a new way that is advantageous.” Tom Bilyeu [38:41] “In the process of expressing and finding who you are, money follows you.” Ken Honda [50:57] “Fear is this mechanism that fills in the unknown when we confront times of change, times of crisis, when we’re uncertain our fears kick in and we fill in the worst case scenario.” Isaac Lidsky [54:38] “We are so often our own worst enemies. We keep ourselves off the stage for fear of bad reviews, and don’t even realize that in the process we’re forgetting how to dance and losing the joining.” Isaac Lidsky [1:06:23] “Every moment of your life is a choice. […] it is not the circumstances that we confront that dictate the lives that we experience.” Isaac Lidsky [1:12:29] You're the master of your reality and once you buy that, […] you are literally creating the life that you’re experiencing.” Isaac Lidsky [1:14:21] Follow John Assaraf:
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