Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: You can’t underestimate the amount of work it takes to transform your life. As you set your sights on achieving more there are habits to break, beliefs to rethink, and skills to master. Tom Bilyeu went from being lazy, unhealthy, and unmotivated to co-founder of a unicorn startup that was valued over $1 Billion dollars. It wasn’t luck. It wasn’t talent. It wasn’t by accident either. He changed the way he thought about himself, where he was and what was possible. Ultimately he changed his mindset, and now he’s practically shouting from the rooftops sharing with you the insights he’s learned so that you can transform your life no matter what your current situation happens to be. In this solution-packed, information-dense episode Tom is laying out everything you need to take action immediately. Your life won’t transform overnight, but you can change the trajectory of your entire life with one decision from this episode. What will it be? QUOTES: “If you’ve never done something before, to believe that you can is pure delusion, to believe that you can learn on the other hand is not.” “80% of business is knowing what not to do.” “Plan for long-term fulfillment. Don’t worry about whether that business was a win or a loss, on a long enough time line, it’s just really not going to matter.” “Rather than worrying about eliminating old friends from your ecosystem, focus on building new friends into your ecosystem…” “I only do and believe that which moves me towards my goals. So, obsessing over negative thoughts about what other people think doesn’t, so I just let it go.” “In any endeavor where you’re trying to gain mastery you’re going to get bored.” “You’ve got to be moving towards something and not just away from something.” “You need to be able to hear the truth, and you need to be able to speak the truth.” Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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