The LOVEE Method by Sharon Brock

The LOVEE Method is a five-step mindfulness tool to cultivate emotional resilience and process difficult emotions, such as anxiety, anger, or depression. The meditation practices of LOVEE (Label, Observe, Value, Embrace, and Equanimity) have been proven by neuroscience research to reduce stress and develop self-compassion and inner strength. In this teaching memoir, health journalist Sharon Brock shares her personal story with breast cancer and how she uses mindfulness meditation to navigate this challenging time. With honesty, courage, and humor, Sharon weaves these practices into her memoir as she reveals the emotional roller coaster one faces when coping with cancer–from the fear of death, to drastic changes in her physical body, to how the illness affects her love life. Her engaging vulnerability makes this book not only a practical guide, but also a comforting source of support for women to feel understood and not alone on this journey. This book is unique in that it highlights the intersection of science and spirituality. Sharon's story serves as evidence that Eastern modalities and Western medicine can work together for optimal healing. With the help of The LOVEE Method, Sharon grew stronger and wiser through her journey, and with this book, she hopes to help other women on this path to experience this same awakening. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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