“We can agree on one thing, the world is in dire straits. There is more separation than we have ever seen as a global community, as well as separation from our true selves. But… Imagine if everyone on the planet chose to live their lives by listening to their intuition and treating themselves with unconditional love every day. What would the world look like? Your beliefs are powerful, your feelings are important, and your behaviour is only ever an extension of these. Living a life of fear results in a constant state of reaction, drama and issues. So, if you really want to live a life of joy and change the world around you, you must go within. It’s the only way. The Intuitive Heart Revolution is an energetic formula for healing that can free you from everything that is keeping you from authenticity and living your best life. The ultimate goal is to move from unhappiness and worry to a state of trust. When you can live your life, make decisions, and move in a direction with trust, everything becomes an adventure of love and connection. And by living your best life you can change the World, one emotion, one change, one day at a time.” To learn more or order the book:

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