The Garbage Collector by Robert Gammal BDS., FACNEM(dent)

The dental profession is self-regulating and relies heavily on clinical observation rather than published science. Consequently, dentists still are taught to leave dead infected gangrenous tissue in the body via root canal therapy. The dental profession refuses to acknowledge that dead teeth can cause systemic disease. Meanwhile, the medical profession remains largely unaware that their colleagues in dentistry are providing them with a substantial income. This book aims to give you information with which to make a more informed decision about one of the common treatments that dentistry may offer you. The information may also be relevant for anyone dealing with a degenerative systemic disease. After reading this book, you’ll know more about how dead teeth can affect your health than ninety-nine percent of dentists worldwide. You’ll also be more discerning about finding a dentist who is trained enough to help you. With cancer rates increasing, autism rates rising exponentially, and IQs dropping across the board, it’s time to take a careful look at the practices of modern dentistry. To learn more or order the book:

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