“The First Hour Of The Morning Is CRUCIAL” – Millionaire Habits For SUCCESS! | Bedros Keuilian

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: https://bit.ly/3EdQwvY On Today's Episode: Are your daily habits helping you stack daily wins you need to get closer to the success you dream of? The answer is either yes or no. Your current situation is a direct result of your current routines and habits. Either they are working for you and helping you move forward or they aren’t. Today’s guest is a self-made millionaire who has mastered the savage mindset that allows him to get sh*t done and build multiple million dollar businesses and franchises. Bedros Keuilian is the CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp and the mastermind behind the BK Podcast, The Squire Program, and many more. Becoming hyper successful is anchored to your ability to master your routines and live your life by rules that help you succeed. If you’re not sure where you’re getting your morning routine wrong or how to approach the battle of business, and you’re worried about failing this is a must watch for you. Not seeing success now just means it’s time to assess, pivot and move quickly to start living the life you want. Maybe it’s time for you to get savage. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Bedros Keuilian
0:20 | Do This to Start Your Day Right!
10:57 | Temporary Defeat Is Not Failure
14:18 | Self-Awareness Is the Path to Impact
27:33 | Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs
42:20 | Evolution of Everything / Being of the Moment
50:07 | Turning Ideas Into Empires
1:01:38 | Algorithmic Social Division
1:15:48 | Social Media Rules of Engagement
1:20:33 | 5 Rules for Ultra Success
1:24:21 | Get A Savage Mindset QUOTES: “I am in the battle of business because when I make money I can have a greater sense of meaning with it.” [1:36] “There is a really subtle difference between a high performance day and a mediocre day.” Tom Bilyeu [3:45] “If you learn something in the morning, you start using it in the afternoon.” Tom Bilyeu [11:23] “I will experience temporary defeat many times in my life, but I will never experience failure.” [11:54] “The universe will reward the person that acts the quickest.” [13:59] “Start with fixing victim number one before you go fixing everybody else.” [22:45] “Money is corrupt when you don’t make it yourself.” [56:53] “I divide social people into two camps: consumers and creators, […] you’re better off being a 90% creator and 10% consumer.” [1:15:58] “Social media is a business and it is there to stoke fear, create a level of certainty, and also it stokes uncertainty so that we can be attracted to those that speak in certainty.” [1:16:44] “Rules and rituals will save someone from going down the social media depression, anxiety time suck vacuum that it is [1:18:39] “Those who are skilled in the art of violence are least likely to become violent.” [1:25:12] “When you never show your violence and your savage within you become a passive aggressive man, and that is where toxic masculinity begins” [1:37:21] Follow Bedros Keuilian:
Website: https://bedroskeuilian.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedrosKeuilian YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/bedroskeuilian Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bedroskeuilian/

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