The Electronic Cyborg by Sahr Lord Emmawa

A young man named Otenfeh did not like living in Kono—the eastern province of Sierra Leone. Therefore, he escaped to the capital city Freetown to join a charitable organisation called Don Bosco. In Don Bosco, he encountered with some white salesians who came from different parts of the developed world. The salesians visited Kono with Otenfeh. They were warned indeed, but without thinking about the consequences, they wilfully broke into a secret society called the poro society. That was forbidden. Guess what? They were captured and held as hostages. It was a clash of civilisations. A clash between the Western civilisation and the primitive organisation of one part of the world. The rest of the other salesians in Don Bosco in Freetown have to work together to set free their captured mates. Imagine how they will do that. To learn more or order the book:

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