The DAILY HACKS To Look Younger, Live Longer & REVERSE YOUR AGE | Dr. David Sinclair

As you know, it’s my mission to help teach you how to build the MINDSET and SKILLS that will help you live an extraordinary life – and over the last few months I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to help create a brand-new tool that will help you do that. It’s called Kyzen – and I am proud to announce that I will be bringing it to the world later this year to challenge you to empower yourself and accomplish greater things in life. To learn more, join my Discord at Big goals require DISCIPLINE. By it's very nature, discipline requires you to do hard things – and that is a skill you can LEARN. I'm teaching my process to build Ironclad Discipline in a new workshop – you can register at! Show Notes: The fountain of youth is a mythical spring that has been the basis of many Hollywood movies and cosmetic marketing campaigns! Our obsession with youth and being young forever has been the source of cosmetic surgery and endless stories of ‘back in my day’. David Sinclair is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. As a professor, scientific investigator and co-founder of multiple biotech companies, his knowledge with epigenetics and reverse aging is highly regarded among professional colleagues in the industry. He’s appeared on dozens of podcasts, written books, and hosts his own podcast, Lifespan. As a guest on Health Theory the conversations around reverse aging and biological clocks are more than enlightening. Finding the root cause to aging and understanding how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices impact our aging process puts the power of perspective and knowledge within your control. You don’t have to guess or hope for a mythical spring of magical water that holds the secret of youth. You can make a decision everyday to turn back the clock, slow the aging process, and reset your age. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to David Sinclair
0:12 | Daily Hacks to Slow Aging
28:50 | How to Reset Your Age
58:43 | This Causes Aging
1:32:23 | How to Understand Aging QUOTES: “80% of your longevity and health in old age is controllable and only 20% is dictated by your genes, the genome. The rest is your epigenome that responds to how we live [7:36] “Our livers are much smarter than our eyes and our mouths…” [24:35] “Anything that stresses your body, puts it into a state of shock is good in the long run.” [38:16] “When I boiled it down to its essence I realized aging was a loss of information.” [1:01:58] “That’s part of the problem with aging, which is genes getting turned on when they should be kept off for decades, and then cells start to get confused.” [1:14:17] Follow David Sinclair: Website: YouTube: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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