The Concrete Steps You NEED to take to Get Ahead In Life & Become UNBREAKABLE | Tom Bilyeu

Life is brutally tough. You will be tested over and over with unexpected obstacles coming your way. You have to decide how you will respond. Will you give up and buckle under pressure? Or, will you build your mindset to withstand any challenge? If you're ready to OWN your life and become unstoppable, this is the class for you to watch.
What you're watching is a preview from one of my Workshops inside Impact Theory University – you can register and get free access to Part 2 at If you’ve been perplexed on how Tom is able to go so hard day after day, week after week, you’ve come to the right place. Chasing after the wrong things, and not knowing what to value is leading you away from your goals. Being able to seek out your inadequacies and know where you are weakest, while pushing your boundaries is the only way to become unstoppable. If it’s unfathomable success you’re after, then it’s these basic principles that you’re going to need to reach the next level. Build the Ultimate Value Stack
1. Self Reliance – no one is coming to save you – be in control of your own life – hold yourself to a standard
2. Self Respect – have integrity and know you can trust yourself
3. Growth – being stagnant should bother you – push yourself and improve
4. Resilience – toughen the fuck up and don’t tolerate weakness in yourself SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Become Unstoppable
1:12 | Unstoppable Redefined
4:40 | Stop Being Weak
9:29 | Take Extreme Ownership
15:38 | Create New Value System
19:57 | Build the Ultimate Value Stake
22:57 | Grit, Fear & Emotional Stability
26:26 | Master Stress, Discomfort & Failure
31:41 | Push Physical Boundaries
35:24 | Tom’s Challenge to You QUOTES: “Life is fucking hard. That is just a truth, but you have a choice, all of us have a choice, whether we're going to be weak, or we're going to be strong.” [1:35] “The punchline to life is not success, it's not fame, it's not money, it's not accolades. It is very simple. It's brain chemistry, a.k.a. Fulfillment.” [4:01] “I didn't believe that I could rise up, and because I didn't believe I could rise up, the only thing I could think about was tearing other people down.” [5:46] “If you're blaming other people for the state of your life, you are fucked my friend, because you're pointing at the wrong person. You're looking in the wrong place.” [9:52] “It is not just about doing what you're good at, it's about figuring out what do I need to get good at in order to achieve my goal.” [12:14] “Decide what your values are going to be. Realize that they're malleable, and then build […] the ultimate value stack for becoming unstoppable.” [19:57] “When you know that you're acting weak, you've got to call yourself out, you've got to say I don't allow that in my life.” [22:19] “Stop asking how little you can get away with and start asking one of the most powerful questions in the universe, which is how much can you bear?” [31:54]

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