The BIGGEST LIES You’ve Been Told About Diet & Nutrition That Are Killing You! | Dr. Chris Palmer

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: You already know that poor diet choices, lack of sleep and high levels of stress are making it impossible to control your weight, manage your mood, and have productive days. It’s the avalanche of poor decisions that assault your metabolism and impact your mental health in ways you haven’t connected until now. A good diet, being well rested, keeping your stress levels low not only positively affect your metabolism, they also positively affect your mental health. Dr. Chris Palmer, a Harvard psychiatrist, has introduced the brain energy theory of mental illness, revealing that mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain. Which means there is a direct connection to diet and mental health. Dr. Palmer has been pioneering the use of a medical ketogenic diet as a treatment for mental disorders, and has released his new book, Brain Energy, carefully connecting the dots and explaining why mitochondria are at the center of it all. This episode is easily a mini-masterclass on mitochondrial function as Dr. Palmer explains all of the systems and processes mitochondria directly impact tying to nutrition and mental health. What’s shocking is that all of the things known to impair mental illness directly impair mitochondrial function. If you want to know how to do a ketogenic diet well without a one-size fits all kind of solution, better understand why diet may be behind your sleepless nights and debilitating levels of anxiety, then this is the episode for you. Check out Dr. Palmer’s book, Brain Energy: QUOTES: “I’m arguing all mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain.” “I am saying diet plays a powerful role in mental illness, diet plays a powerful role in mitochondrial health, but it is not the only thing that plays a role [in mental health].” “What I’m saying in a nutshell is that mitochondrial dysfunction is ultimately the cause of mental illness.” “When I saw it put schizophrenia into remission at that point I knew I can’t stay quiet about this, this is too important.” “I would argue that the ketogenic diet or fasting states or fasting mimicking states in particular play a profound role in healing, and the reason is not because carbohydrates are the villain, the reason is because fasting is the saving treatment.” “People who are overweight or diabetic or more likely to have autistic children…” “Obesity and diabetes are symptoms. Obesity and diabetes are not causes, they are symptoms. They are symptoms of metabolic derangement somewhere in the body or brain.” “The body is really good at healing itself, we just have to give it a chance. It knows what to do.” “The thing that is criminal is that the people who make decisions about what the health and wellness of the United States population should be, the overwhelming majority of them have very strong ties to commercial enterprises that make ultra processed foods.” “Brand name foods have no place in dietary guidelines and recommendations they just don’t!” Follow Chris Palmer: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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