The BIG SIGNS You’re Not Healthy In Life & HOW TO FIX IT! | Shawn Stevenson

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: Hustle culture has been known to praise lack of sleep in honor of the daily grind and hustle it takes to build a business. The energy drink market is valued over $90 billion dollars. The fast food industry is crushing it with over $500 billion dollars and growing. How much longer will you put energy drinks and processed “healthy” food bandaids over the gashing wound your lack of sleep is causing you? Shawn Stevenson is the international bestselling author of Sleep Smarter. He doesn’t mince words when it comes to the impact sleep has on your quality of life. Between your body composition, weight management, food cravings,clarity, focus and your ability to execute at the highest level, cutting sleep hours is not to be taken lightly. This episode is breaking down every essential piece of information you need, complete with tips and strategies you can start implementing today to start improving the quality of your sleep. If you prioritize your health, your well being, and your ability to hit big massive goals in your life, then you have to take your sleep seriously. No shortcuts or ways around it. SHOW NOTES:
0:00 | Introduction Shawn Stevenson
0:13 | Poor Sleep Is Killing You
31:08 | You Follow These Weight Loss Myths
1:00:03 | You Can Transform Your Health
1:17:30 | You’re Not Eating This QUOTES: “Our sleep quality is more important than our diet and exercise combined.” [1:47] “Melatonin, it’s not just involved in sleep, it’s also involved in fat loss.” [7:35] “A lot of successful people have a success ritual in the morning, but a great morning starts the night before.” [21:08] “Sleep is more powerful than exercise and nutrition combined on your physical appearance and on your health, but your relationships are the biggest governing force over all of it because that is the most influential thing on the decision you make with your sleep.” [30:03] “This cookie cutter system of nutrition has not given us good results.” [31:08] “Look at what the body is able to take, how unhealthy we can be and still be kicking, but also just imagine how good things can get as well when we’re giving our bodies the right things.” [37:54] “If you let somebody talk, if you just ask them questions, they will tell you the cause and the cure of what’s going on with them.” [42:08] Follow Shawn Stevenson
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