The BEST FOODS To Eat That End Inflammation & MELT BODY FAT! | Shawn Stevenson

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: On Today's Episode: Deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner is a bigger decision than you know. While many of us base our meal choices on convenience, time, money, and taste, the frightening truth is that we are actually deciding what our cells will be made of, and too often we’re making sh*t choices. Changing your overall health means understanding that food matters in ways that we don’t really comprehend. Shawn Stevenson is joining Tom to share life changing data from research and perspective on foods, pharmaceutical use, and physician diagnoses that are more than shocking! Shawn is the author of the international bestseller Sleep Smarter, and his latest book, Eat Smarter. In this episode, Shawn opens up about his personal experience being diagnosed with a chronic, debilitating disease at 20 years old, and what it meant for him to take his health, his life, and his power into his own hands. This discussion lays out all the reasons why and the ways how you can take control of your health and stop giving that power to people that aren’t living with your pain, your suffering, and poor health. Our society isn’t making the best decisions for anyone’s health. You can be the victim or the hero of your life in this story, the decision is yours to take. “The last 30 years have been marked by exchanging what worked for what sounds good.” -Thomas Sowell Check out Shawn’s latest book, Eat Smarter: Resources mentioned in this episode: CDC Study: [43:07] 88% of U.S. Citizens Metabolically Unfit: [47:22] SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Shawn Stevenson
0:16 | Eat This Food 17:07 | The Calorie Myth Debunked
37:14 | Covid-19 & Your Metabolism
56:22 | The Psychology of Eating
1:07:17 | Is Big Pharma to Blame?
1:24:17 | | How to Eat Intuitively QUOTES: “Inflammation can get drug through the mud as this bad thing and we want to stop all inflammation, but inflammation is critical for all functions of life.” [0:50] “When you’re eating food, you’re not just eating food, you’re choosing what you’re making your cells out of. Every cell in your body from your heart to your brain is made from food.” [16:43] “We’re the sickest society in the documented history of humanity. We have the highest rate of chronic diseases ever known to man and we’re supposed to be so much better than this.” [36:24] “Right now we’ve created a culture of sickness, and so to be healthy you’re weird as f*ck, to be the healthy person.” [47:09] “When we start to move away from the behavior patterns that’s causing the problem, the body knows how to fix itself.” [54:10] “Every thought that we have creates correlating chemistry in our bodies instantaneously. It’s happening 24/7 always, and will never stop.” [59:36] “In 2020, two-thirds of the United States congress members received a check from a drug company.” [1:14:03] “Whether it’s self medicated or your doctor is your dealer, we have a culture that is seeking to suppress our pain, physical and mental, instead of removing the root cause.” [1:22:14] “That first physician, when he said I’m unhelpable, it gave me a permission slip to stop fighting and I took it.” [1:30:17] Follow Shawn Stevenson: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Podcast:

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