The AI War Ahead: The Next Global SuperPower Isn’t Who You Think | Ian Bremmer

Restart Your Life in 7 Days: I am excited to have you join us for today’s episode with one of the leading experts on global politics and technology, Ian Bremmer. He is a thought leader in the space who is helping to shape conversations at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), geopolitics, and national security. As the current digital revolution accelerates, Bremmer's perspectives become even more relevant, helping us navigate the shifting landscapes of our time. His polarizing views come from a clear-sighted analysis of potentially devastating effects of AI. Bremmer has gained most of his recognition for his provocative insights on the pressing need for an evolved governance model involving both technology companies and governments. AI is a hyper disruptive technology playing out amid global power shifting and great division among people. Ian makes a compelling case for transparency in AI use and advocates for maintaining democratic values in the face of rapid technological change. You will undoubtedly be intrigued by Bremmer's insights into how AI is reshaping society, and his views on ensuring that AI does not further divide society but instead, helps to create wealth and growth. The impact of AI proliferation on the world – technologically, politically, and ethically is one that carries potentially grave consequences. Job displacement, national security, and the spread of misinformation are but a fraction of the concerns we discuss today.. Is big tech quickly becoming the 3rd super power in the world along with the US and China? Find out what the new cold war will look like and take a deep dive with us into:
The emphasis on AI and its impacts on geopolitics and national security.
The looming threat of AI misuse by rogue states, terrorists, and everyday people.
Ian’s stance for why a new governance model to regulate AI and collaboration is needed between tech companies and governments.
The necessity of ensuring that AI tools do not worsen societal divisions or erode democratic norms. Check out Ian’s book, The Power of Crisis: IAN BREMMER QUOTES: "Big tech is essentially sovereign over the digital world.” “Whether we’re talking about society, or the economy, or even national security. If it touches the digital space, technology companies basically act with dominion.” “AI with both its productive and destructive capacities will not just be in the hands of rogue states, it will also be in the hands of people, and terrorists, and corporations, and they’ll have cutting edge access to that. It would be easier to deal with if it was just about the United States and China.” “With AI the negative externalities will happen basically simultaneously.” “Inside democracies, especially with AI, we as citizens cannot agree on what is true. We cannot agree on facts and that delegitimizes the media, it delegitimizes our leaders and both political parties, […] it delegitimizes our judicial system order of law…” “I don’t think AI is becoming much more like human beings, […] I think what’s actually happening is technology companies are teaching us more effectively how to engage like computers.” “We’re very valuable in driving the economy if you give us all of your attention and data. And that is how you create an optimal AI economy.” Follow Ian Bremmer:
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