The 7 PRINCIPLES You Need To Live By To Get EVERYTHING You Want In Life! | Tom Bilyeu

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: If you’ve ever felt depressed over where you are in life, experienced the embarrassment of getting fired, been frustrated over student loan debts and bills you can’t afford to pay, then you’re in the right place for a reality check. Your circumstances are a direct reflection of the decisions you’ve made until this point. It doesn’t matter that things never go your way. It doesn’t matter that every time you try to step up you get overlooked. The only thing that matters is that you’re willing to be honest with yourself about where you are and that you’re ready to turn your life around and take total ownership of your life. Every success and every failure is 100% yours if you get unstuck and become unstoppable. Tom Bilyeu went from being broken, scared, and insecure to becoming confident enough to develop his leadership skills and earn massive respect. The lesson for you right now is to stop giving your control away and start owning your sh*t! Check out Jocko Willink’s video, #Good: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Becoming Unstoppable
8:16 | Steps to Start Owning Your Life Now!
37:20 | How to Get Unstuck
42:48 | How to Move On
44:45 | Is Failure Worth It
53:29 | How to Deal With Family
1:00:26 | How to Be Motivated
1:19:12 | The Secret to Motivation
1:39:24 | Overcome Any Failure
1:46:56 | Embracing Imperfection QUOTES: “Weak people are bitter people because they feel like they’re being taken advantage of, they’re not taken ownership in their life, they’re putting the blame on other people…” [3:53] “I earned their respect by working harder than anybody else, by having a deeper set of skills, and by empowering them and lifting them up.: [8:03] “If you’re blaming other people for the state of your life, you are f*cked my friend.” [8:38] “Whatever your uncomfortable is, you want to be able to live in that space and be chill about it.” [29:10] “You should only ever do and believe that which moves you towards your goal.” [42:52] “You need to be decisive in life. You made a decision, it didn’t work out, such is life! It goes like it goes.” [43:40] “When we are young we can become anything, but as we age we become something specific.” [44:53] “You’ve got to get so hardcore that people would sooner believe that it’s magic than that you just worked that hard.” [49:48] “The only way to really have mind blowing success in life is to set the bar ridiculously high and then surpass all expectations.” [53:12] “Whether your mom believes in you or not, whether anybody believe in you or not, if you get good enough you will win.” [1:00:19] Failure, moving in the wrong direction, is the most information rich datastream you will ever encounter, meaning you’re going to learn a lot.” [1:16:56] Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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