The 6 Habits Of HIGHLY EFFECTIVE People You Can Copy! (CHANGE EVERYTHING) | Brendon Burchard

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: On Today's Episode: It’s easy to admire people that have reached extraordinary levels of success, it’s hard to imagine what it takes to get there. Passing off someone’s excellence and success as unattainable for ourselves is a b.s. and it’s not what we’re about at Impact Theory. Your beliefs are malleable and what you believe about yourself matters. How you decide to live your life and show today matters also and if you’re not happy with the way you show up or how you’re living your life then do something about it. Brendon Burchard is one of the world’s leading high performance coaches that has impacted and trained millions of people globally. His online personal growth platform is dedicated to teaching people how to bring the joy, live with intention, love the life you live, and matter to yourself and others everyday because you show up to go all-in on whatever you decide. You’ve heard what it takes to be successful, but very few people share how to get beyond passion and shoot for obsession to attain insane levels of success, but today we are, so let’s go. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Brendon Burchard
2:22 | Generate the Energy You Want
10:15 | Raise Necessity with Obsession
15:51 | These 2 Things BUILD Your Identity
26:33 | Build These Skills Achieve More
35:47 | Honor the Struggle to Win QUOTES: “If you’re not a fun person when you're broke, you’re not going to be that much more fun when you’re rich.” [4:00] “High performers are generating the energy, and that means the mental, emotional and physical energy, that they feel is necessary to serve with excellence in a certain situation.” [9:45] “People don’t want to exude that much passion which becomes obsession because they’re fearful of their obsessions.” [12:36] “If no one thinks you’re crazy you’re not yet operating to the outer limits of your potential.” [13:43] “Being obsessed about something that gives you no feedback is not scary, being obsessed about something, like trying to make an impact in the world you’re going to get feedback.” [14:39] “If you want to win, your identity has to be tied into that thing in which you are trying to succeed at and give to, and that takes a lot of guts to ut yourself all in…” [18:32] “This is who I’m going to be and I’m going to build into that, and it is necessary for me to become that person.” [26:22] “High performers are consistently seeking clarity in ‘who do I want to be?’ […] in every situation.” [31:15] “I don’t want a friction free life, […] The journey to greatness begins the moment that our deep desires for comfort and for ease are overpowered by our desires to connect and contribute.” [40:08] “Determine what the questions at the end of your life are going to be.” [42:49] Follow Brendon Burchard:
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