The 5 Signs You’re Burnt Out, NOT LAZY! (Change Your Life In 7 Days) | Tom Bilyeu

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: Feeling disconnected from your close relationships, suffering from total boredom, lack of motivation, and missed opportunities all point away from the success you really want. Being disengaged and distracted when you’re trying to change your life is a recipe for disappointment. So are you dealing with burnout or being lazy? It’s easy to mistake laziness for burnout and vice versa, but in this episode, Tom reveals why you’re probably further away from experiencing true burnout than you think. Two things possibly causing true burnout is:
Not dealing with your biology correctly
Pursuing something you don’t actually care about. The truth is your ability to determine the difference between being lazy and crashing from burnout is anchored to your ability to find success at the highest level you’re aiming for. Tom, even at his level of mastery and ultra success, continues to battle with laziness on a daily basis. In this episode he’s giving you the masterclass to help you understand that your mind is messing with you, and there are ways to break out of it. Tom’s 3 Tips to avoid burnout and laziness: Always optimize your body (and your health)
Do not trust your emotions
Hold yourself to the highest standard QUOTES: “If you want to burnout fast in your life, pursue something that you don't care about.” [0:40] “You need to be living the life that you actually want to live, not living the life that people tell you you’re supposed to want, […] living a life that gives you more energy than it takes.” [3:30] “You are always going to have the compulsion to be lazy that isn’t necessarily burnout. It’s often mistaken for burnout because we all psychologically want to give into that laziness.” [16:18] “Most people accept a low standard for themselves.” [24:20] “Hold yourself to a high a** standard, you will dazzle yourself with what you’re capable of.” [25:05] “I had to build my respect around showing up everyday and demanding more of myself.” [28:46] “You’re burning out psychologically not physiologically.” [47:51] Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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