The 3 SUPERFOODS You Need To Eat To Lose Weight & PREVENT DISEASE! | Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: Autoimmune disease has been on the rise for the last few decades. Everything seems to be idiopathic in nature, but you have to wonder, is our diet tied to the rise in autoimmune conditions being diagnosed globally? Dr. Jeffrey Bland is considered to be the Father of Functional Medicine and the President of Big Bold Health. He stands for the science of hope that there is wisdom in nature that needs to be adhered to and not forgotten. Dr. Bland is quick to remind us that big pharma cannot extract one nutrient to treat a condition when all of the complexities of food found in nature are needed. Global Immune stress is creating greater levels of cortisol and interfering with the effectiveness of your immune system. Becoming a person who is conscious of the dietary choices they make daily and environmental stressors being tolerated will allow us to minimize the diseases we are doomed to face if we make no changes at all. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Dr. Jeffrey Bland
0:30 | Eat These Superfoods
8:24 | Rejuvenate Your Immune System
40:01 | Meat vs. Plants
52:46 | Personalize Your Diet
59:37 | The Problem With Modernity
1:22:53 | Best Way to Fast QUOTES: “I don’t think we have autoimmunity. What we have is an immune reaction to our self being converted into non-self.” [11:42] “That’s one of the problems we have with nutritional supplementation in this country and the way we view it, is we often think about green pharmacy, ‘okay we have a drug now what is the nutrient we can find that mimics that drug’. That’s not the way nature works.” [31:29] “I don’t have to accept every idea, but I have to listen carefully. There’s wisdom out there that I may not be able to understand if I’m just channeled in my own myopia.” [50:26] “The successful treatments are in the wisdom of nature, it’s in the wisdom that we need to go back and relearn.” [1:08:38] “Alzheimers’s is not a disease. It’s a complex outcome from the marriage of our genes with our environment, with our lifestyle.” [1:08:51] “Functional medicine is for real people, […] medicine that we use is built around statistical humans. You get a diagnosis, and that is who you are.” [1:11:03] “When you turn on the right genes and turn off the genes that are giving you problems, that’s real medicine.” [1:26:00] Follow Dr. Jeffrey Bland: Website: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Podcast:

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