The 3 MONEY HABITS That Keep You BROKE! (RICH VS POOR MINDSET) | Wallstreet Trapper

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: Does paid on Friday and broke by Monday feel familiar to you? Living paycheck to paycheck is killing millions of dreams and burying the opportunity for wealth alive. You don’t have the money to invest and purchase assets, but the thought of possibly losing money to stocks is more painful than spending $80 on food and drinks for a night out. Not knowing what to do with the money you earn will keep you broke, frustrated and feeling deflated when you have one financial emergency. Wallstreet Trapper in the financial business coach and investment coach simplifying the investment game to make it possible for everyone. He believes in building wealth one share at a time and is joining Tom for a conversation that is as jaw dropping as it is information rich. His advice is simple. Learn how to save, spend, invest, borrow money so that you can build wealth in ways you didn’t think were possible. Information and knowledge are the key and the sooner you recognize that your money habits are making you broke the faster you can begin to improve your mindset and build wealth. Catch Wallstreet Trapper’s background story and 1st episode with Tom here: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Wallstreet Trapper
0:37 | 3 Money Habits Keeping You Broke
4:03 | Business Isn’t The Only Way to Wealth
13:17 | Investing Made Easy for Everyone
21:54 | Paycheck to Paycheck Mentality
33:56 | Structure of a Poverty Mindset
44:23 | Value What Makes You Rich 1:03:01 | Build The Bricks for Wealth
1:14:36 | Don’t Focus on The Wealth Gap
1:20:51 | Doing This Changed Trap’s Game QUOTES: The reason why people are broke or people lack the money they should is because they don’t know how to operate money. They don’t know how to spend money, they don’t know how to invest money, they don’t know how to save money, they don’t know how to lend money.” [0:54] “You can’t work 24 hours a day, but your money can.” [1:46] “The moment you don’t spend on things you don’t need, now double back to the more things you can invest in [3:50] “Investing in the stock market isn’t an IQ game, it’s not about being the most brilliant person in the world, […] it’s about understanding basic economics.” [13:55] “Everybody won’t be able to build a billion dollar business, but everybody can invest in one.” [15:07] “A dollar that’s not moving is a dollar that’s losing.” [19:03] “People who come from lower income, working class environments, the worst thing that can come to their mind is losing money that I’ve bust my butt for. That’s what makes the market so scary for them, and that confusion keeps them out of the market.” [21:40] “When a family’s in survival mode we can’t think about money.” [28:02] “People don’t like the truth because of how it makes them feel, but if you tell the truth they have no other option but to face it.” [48:53] “You can store calories in another human being by feeding them when you have an abundance.” Tom Bilyeu [53:33] “Building relationships with other successful people, or building relationships with people that’s based off integrity, can help your business get to another level because some rooms you can’t get in with money. Some rooms you can only get in based on who you know.” [56:17] “You get what you celebrate.” Tom Bilyeu [1:02:44] “I don’t want to focus on closing the wealth gap, […] my focus is how do we now contribute to every person's family increasing their purchasing power.” [1:14:36] “Be willing to get past the fear because the fear interrupts the legacy that you’re trying to build.” [1:23:40] “If you can play the game on a high level the return on investment is infinite.” [1:26:30] Follow Wallstreet Trapper:
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