The 3 Habits Billionaires RUN DAILY! (Do This EVERY MORNING For 10 Minutes) | Mel Robbins

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: What version of success are you aiming for? Are you aiming for the rich life that looks flashy on the outside but broke and falling apart on the inside? Do the people that most inspire you have overnight success and hidden struggles or do they have a trail of lessons they share for you to learn from? Mel Robbins is the queen of real! She has shared her struggles openly and unapologetically with the intention of helping someone out there experiencing real sh*t that needs to see what’s possible when you learn to struggle well, be resilient, and take the lessons life keeps handing you. Like her previous episodes on Impact Theory, Mel Robbins is giving you the real deal of what a messy authentic journey to success looks like from the inside out and from the bottom up. Key takeaways from this episode you can’t miss is becoming a student of whatever it is you want to become. Study and master the experiences your decisions create and find ways to transform those lessons into unstoppable success. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Mel Robbins
0:12 | 3 Habits for Success
17:16 | Align Action for Success
37:19 | Reframe the Painful Lessons
44:50 | Mel’s Major Breakthrough
1:03:12 | Transformational Therapies
1:29:46 | Frame of Reference & Beliefs QUOTES: “That’s the most important thing about advice, is everybody’s looking for the silver bullet when in fact it’s got to work for you.” [8:02] “Your dreams, your business, deserves the first 10 minutes of the morning.” [12:13] “Successful people act before they feel ready, they act like the person they want to be instead of the person they feel like today…” [14:23] “Oftentimes when the dream is such a call, the excuses match the desire for it.” [17:01] “Through your actions and attitude you can create anything you f*cking want.” [20:42] “…I needed to be honest with myself that there are things that I have as natural talent and skills, […] but I also have major weaknesses that I got to get under control, so that I don’t derail possible success and fulfillment…” [27:05] “When I said I want to remove everything that creates this sort of real friction inside me, of course what rises to the surface isn’t calm and peace, it’s everything that’s broken.” [1:11:01] “Everybody is capable of change, period.” [1:34:36] “Most of the sh*t that we react to is some sort of response to a past experience.” [1:38:07] Follow Mel Robbins:
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