The 3 DAILY HABITS That Destroy Your Health & DECREASE Lifespan! | Bob Hariri

INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW: FREE LIVE WORKSHOP HOW TO MAKE ANY GOAL STICK, REGISTER NOW: On Today's Episode: Not many people would turn down living a longer healthier life. More time to make an impact on the world, more time to enjoy the people you love, and more time to build your legacy, all seem like great reasons to live as long as possible in the healthiest state possible. Dr. Robert Hariri has dedicated the last 25+ years to treating life-threatening diseases and stands behind his work and technological advances in cellular therapy that make cellular therapy the obvious solution to nature’s way of healing our bodies, but even better. Dr. Hariri co-authored the bestseller, Lifespan with Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis and is a surgeon, biomedical scientist and entrepreneur. His contributions and knowledge in stem cell research and application that could change the health of the world are mind-blowing. In this episode take a look at three things you’re doing daily that shorten your lifespan, and discover all the ways better health and longevity are being reimagined that could happen in our lifetime. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Dr. Bob Hariri
0:10 | This Is Shortening Your Lifespan
10:36 | Cellular Function 101
21:47 | Traumatic Brain Injury Inflammation
31:31 | Debunking Stem Cell Myths
44:12 | Path to Stem Cell Approval
52:39 | Stem Cells Are Nature’s First Aid
1:09:03 | Power of Placental Stem Cells 1:21:36 | Reverse Aging with Cellular Therapy
1:31:41 | Build Muscle to Age Better QUOTES: “There’s no doubt everything associated with the health, wellness, repairability, and recoverability in our body is driven by the immune system.” [23:29] “We are on the threshold of cellular medicine becoming the most logical, the most deployable, the most impactful way of treating disease because it’s the way nature treats disease, […] stem cells are nature’s first aid kit.” [55:04] “Natural selection will always upregulate the trait that gives you a survival advantage.” [1:07:16] “We’re providing an alternative to nature’s attempt to close these defects by supporting it with a supplement, and the supplement is in the form of a structural material and or the cells.” [1:19:51] “If you maintain your muscle mass and strength into your advanced years, […] you have a lower risk of dying from cancer by 30-40%.” [1:34:28] “One of the best things you can you do in response to injury or illness is exercise.” [1:35:28] “Active muscle actually helps your immune function and helps initiate the process of repair and recovery.” [1:38:31] Follow Dr. Bob Hariri:
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