The 3 BIGGEST REASONS Why MOST Relationships DON’T LAST! (How To Find Love) | Matthew Hussey

Learn how to build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: Join the Kyzen journey inside my Discord here: On Today's Episode: Dating to have a long-term relationship means being intentional and doing things a little differently. Judging the success of your existing relationship on the passion you feel now and your ability to suppress your doubts and insecurities for the moment are not great long-term strategies for a successful relationship. Let’s get straight to the point and help you figure out what you’ll need to start doing to have a healthier, happier, and longer lasting relationship with the right partner. If you ever searched for relationship advice on YouTube chances are you've seen Matthew Hussey, the relationship guru appear in the search results. His YouTube channel and career has been dedicated to helping women Get the Guy by showing women how to rediscover their power so they can start dating from a place of empowerment, confidence, and security. His dating advice and approach to coaching people in relationships is real, raw, and honest. Today he’s talking with Tom and sharing 3 things everyone must know and account for if being with your partner for the long-haul is a goal. Between Matthews 15 plus years experience coaching women and Tom’s 20 plus years of being successfully married, they are dropping gems you can’t afford to miss. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Matthew Hussey
0:47 | 3 Ways to Fix Your Relationship (1:48)
15:33 | Secret to Making Each Other Happy
28:47 | The Right Relationship Is Hard Work 37:47 | Allow Space for Insecurities 46:57 | Break Your Emotional Patterns
53:14 | Do This To Stop Arguing Over B.S. 1:13:51 | Dating Differences for Men and Women
1:30:37 | Regret of Having Kids or Relationships? QUOTES: “Continuing to grow is one of the greatest challenges you can present.” [2:22] “Respect your relationship and your partner enough to try, […] to actually put in the effort with them that you put in with new people” [4:21] “We have to be willing to give someone what they crave and need, not the thing that we really like giving.” [11:01] “One of the greatest values that keeps a relationship going is teamwork, […] We are a team in making each other as happy as possible. [21:03] “To ignore the regrets or to simply pass them off is to not take the lesson with you.” [29:50] “Our life gets better in direct proportion to the number of difficult conversations we’re willing to have.” [30:45] “If it’s the right relationship the difference is you come out of that [hard] conversation stronger as a unit, that to me defines the right relationship [32:43] “If you’re on the receiving end of the wrong behavior, […] I think that bringing your best to that moment is the greatest form of closure if the relationship ends.” [38:09] “If you’re in a fight, someone has triggered your insecurities.” Tom Bilyeu [58:00] “All of us guys who go out into our lives with this kind of alpha energy, putting on a front and being a certain thing with all of our friends are so stripped bare by those arguments.” [59:22] “With the person you’re with, understand that it is as hard for them to shake that thing that you don’t like that they do, as it is for you to shake that thing in you that you’ve spent your whole life trying to stop doing [1:09:42] “You have to have a really difficult conversation with yourself and say, ‘how essential is this to my being?’ […] you have to have a plan B that becomes your plan A.” [1:23:38] “ to date, fall in love to fall in love, so that they can experience a relationship organically instead of going with this enormous insecurity from the very beginning.” [1:27:20] “There will be a regret either way, but which is the more powerful? It forces really honest questions, and they are questions that most of us want to hide until the last possible minute.” [1:32:57] Follow Matthew Hussey:
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