The #1 Habit All Successful People RUN DAILY! (You Need To DO THIS Everyday) | Vishen Lakhiani

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: Is your ultimate goal about how much money you earn? Is it about the lifestyle you provide for yourself and your family? In the grand scheme of things we know that money doesn’t bring you joy, and it is far better to chase fulfillment and joy, and yet you may still think fulfillment and joy are boring. Optimizing yourself to execute at higher levels of success requires that you spend time growing as a person in all major areas of your life. Your physical health, your mind, your mental and emotional health are all areas to focus on, and Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley and best selling author is changing the way people access customized education. Vishen is back with Tom on this episode to discuss the number one habit successful people have that we should adopt, but that most of us won’t. He wrote The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, The Buddha and the Badass, and now he’s released a method he’s been perfecting for years called The 6 Phase Meditation Method. Contributing in a meaningful way to society is what lays at the root of your desire for money and for lifestyle. Growing with expedience and intention is a tool that allows you to get there. Books Mentioned in this Episode: Best Evidence by Michael Schmicke: The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin: Check out Vishen Lahkiani’s latest book, The 6 Phase Meditation Method: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Vishen Lahkiani
0:10 | What Is Your Rate of Growth?
5:13 | The Source of Our Intuition 23:06 | Boost Your Creative Ideas
30:13 | Science of Sending Good Vibes
45:55 | Why 6 Phases of Meditation?
52:17 | Do This To Up Your Performance
1:08:23 | The Missing Pieces of Education
1:20:44 | Life Changing Practices QUOTES: “The number one habit is actually not a habit at all. It is a belief that leads to a habit. And that belief is that the number one thing in your life is your rate of growth.” [0:23] “We get stuck on this bullsh*t hamster wheel chasing the dollars trying to grow in our career when none of that sh*t matters. It’s all about us as a multidimensional human being and are we growing.” [2:26] “If growth and contribution are the pathway to fulfillment, growth is the accelerator.” [4:29] “Just because we can’t explain how something works right now doesn’t mean we can’t leverage or use it, and I believe intuition is one of those things.” [8:39] “We are more deeply connected than we think,” [16:43] “I believe there is something called intuition and in some way all human beings are connected.” [22:43] “If you can increase your compassion and your kindness, it improves productivity at work, it makes you a better leader, […] and it also makes you live longer.” [35:00] “Entrepreneurs are basically athletes building a product.” [51:53] “Happiness doesn’t just make us feel good, it’s rocket fuel for productivity…” [54:15] Follow Vishen Lakhiani:
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