STOP Letting Your Past Hold You Back From An INCREDIBLE Future | LOGIC on Impact Theory

This episode is sponsored by Blinkist. Go to Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Success has its price, and it will not be obtained without paying your fair share. Though success is something many people strive for, it has also been the byproduct of escape for many. Facing yourself in the mirror, the story you tell about yourself, and the heartache and trauma you’ve experienced can take the back seat in pursuit of greatness. Maybe enough success will make it all hurt less. Bobby Hall, AKA Logic, hasn’t had an easy start in life. Coming from an abusive family, exposed to too much at a young age has a role in how he arrived at throwing himself into his art and being one of the greatest rappers in hip hop. Bobby breaks down his journey, why he wrote his memoir and where he is now ending the career of Logic that he’s spent over a decade building. Bobby’s Bio: As an author, Logic released the novel Supermarket (2019), which was accompanied by a soundtrack of the same name. The book became a New York Times Best Seller, but both works received generally mixed to negative critical reception. Logic is also a streamer, and signed exclusively with Twitch, becoming the first musician to do so. Order Bobby Hall’s memoir, This Bright Future: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction Bobby Hall “Logic”
2:12 | Escaping Family Trauma
6:21 | Defining Who Is Bobby Hall
9:43 | Piecing Together the Narrative
15:29 | It’s Never Good Enough
20:56 | Build Your Own Family
25:32 | How It All Started
32:09 | Coping With Anxiety
37:14 | Adaptable Is Unstoppable
44:14 | Ignoring Negative Voices
47:53 | Success Without Bitterness
57:07 | Finding Total Confidence
1:00:55 | Advice for Creative Artists
1:08:18 | The End of Logic QUOTES: “The goals I had, as a young man and a musician and a creative person, were bullshit.” [16:54] “There's always going to be something in our lives, there's always going to be something that isn't right. But we can't let it stop us from doing what we love.” [35:40] “So many people have underlining things that they deal with personally, that nobody else would know […] you got to live with it, adaptation. It's one of our greatest features. [39:46] “When I look at other people, when they tell me their dreams, and their ambitions, and all this, I see this child inside of them that is pure and excited, and I root for that person.” [43:21] “Being happy with the person I see in the mirror. has allowed me to not let that bitterness grow” [54:47] “It took me being physically the strongest I'd ever been, the biggest I'd ever been in my life, to realize that all of that had nothing to do with strength, and that I had been strong my whole life. And I didn't need some outward physique to show me that or prove that to anybody else.” [56:32] “Looking in the mirror now older, I've realized, everyone's full of shit. Nobody knows what they're talking about. I don't know shit. Why am I worried about this?” [58:22] “Taking away the words of people and the thoughts that have been implanted in my head by people about myself is probably the most freeing thing I've been working on.” [59:28] “I soaked up every piece of information that I could, so that I could be better at what I wanted to do, and if you are not prepared to wake up every day, to kind of like, fuck your life up, you know, turn down dates and hanging out with friends and all these things. Then don't do it.” [1:06:47] “It was worth it up into that moment. And then I had to say goodbye” [1:11:08] Follow Bobby Hall:

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