Start That Thing; Finish That Thing by Ali Fowler

This is two books in one!! If your biggest challenge is 'starting things', then start at the front of the book. If your biggest challenge is 'finishing things,' then flip this book over and start at the other end! Warning: this book is one part motivational, one part pushy and one part have a good laugh at yourself. You will recognise yourself in this book on some page – that's guaranteed. If you are someone who has trouble either 'starting or finishing things', then this book is for you. Ali Fowler's new book provides you with 100 compelling reasons to start or finish that thing you have been talking about or working on. Ali's book will get inside your head and encourage you to 'start that thing' and 'finish that thing' because the world needs you to do and be your thing. "Ali Fowler is the 'Marie Kondo' of the project world." – Cindy Mitchell, Director, AquaDash To learn more or order the book:

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