Speak Only Kindnesses by Toni Page

Speak Only Kindnesses is a feel-good book that you must have in your hands to experience fully. It offers hope, continually reminding us that we are loved beyond measure, “spirit pretending for a time to be human,” and—perhaps most importantly—that we have all the help we need just by asking. Similar to A Course on Miracles, it presents daily readings for contemplation and practice. It offers a controversial interpretation of the crucifixion, invites us to never make promises, dismisses the concept of sin, and challenges us to use our power to become deliberate co-creators. Interwoven throughout the daily meditations are simple steps that teach how to begin to use the “new energy”to amplify the manifestations we choose. These teachings give you a sense of how magnificent, how huge, and how impactful each one of us is. It will open your heart and open doors for you. To learn more or order the book:
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