Seven Skyes Under by MANUEL SKYE

Seven Skyes Under contains modernized spiritual teachings for applications in all spheres of life. It is an updated version of the teachings I have been sharing with the world in incarnation after incarnation. Maybe you have been a student of mine, a warrior, or a friend. Maybe we connected when your soul was not even incarnated yet. What matters is that today, by opening this book, you have decided to take a step further in mastering your life and fulling your potential by retrieving your connection with the divine and your consciousness. This book covers psychic powers and what are known as supernatural phenomena, plus fitness, healing, and sexuality, which are also key in raising vibrations. I kept the book real and raw, for I wanted it to feel like a conversation. Each spiritual concept is presented in a well-grounded, easy-to-grasp form. Our body of light and energy are presented in their simplest forms so your soul can remember their functions. Barriers and limitations created by our human minds and today’s societal constructs can now vanish. All eighteen chapters, which could be books by themselves, are aimed to inspire you and make you realize that all the answers are already within your heart. I will simply allow you to believe in yourself by sharing my life story, which includes my body of evidence of true spiritual powers. I had the privilege of being born into a deeply spiritual family and having a clairaudient spiritual coach, which allowed me to flourish and complete the first part of this journey. For the next part of that journey under the seven skies, I now need you to retrieve your immutable connection with our higher consciousness. So come with me where we can be the gods and goddesses we are meant to be. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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