Positive Habits Get Results by Donna Portland

While in her fifties, Donna Portland finally summoned the courage to walk away from her unfulfilling existence and begin a fabulous journey toward finding meaning in her life. Today, she has achieved a sense of her true self and purpose, and lives authentically as a beacon of inspiration to others. In short, Portland is living proof that positive habits get results. Portland, a Master NLP coach and hypnotherapist, interweaves her personal story with research and discovery to share a practical roadmap that guides others on a journey inward—to take back their energy and change their daily habits, one by one, to start living with excellence and make positive changes that last. After addressing several aspects of physicality that include the importance of a regular sleep routine, incorporating consistent meditation and relaxation techniques, and eliminating other daily habits that steal energy, Portland leads others through headspace that encourages an attitude of gratitude, a mastering of the mind, and better time management. Positive Habits Get Results is a simple guide that will help anyone transform their daily habits through consistent actions to achieve wellness, success, and contentment. To learn more or order the book:

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