Pay THIS Price, and GREATNESS Will Be Yours | Tom Bilyeu

The very meaning of life is to find out how many skills you can acquire that have utility and then put that utility to the test in service of someone else.” Tom Bilyeu Skills trump talent every day of the week, 365 days of the year. When you think of the most talented musicians you know, they work harder than everyone else on their skills, their timing and their performance. When you think about the world’s most talented athletes, they’re busy practicing on their skills while mediocre players take breaks and need time to relax. When you think of the most talented people in business, they’ve honed their skills so well that you think they were born to do what they do and it’s a gift only they have. That’s the beauty about skills and being so ridiculously good at the skill you work on that people think it’s a natural talent or ability. This is why we say with confidence, choose skills over talent 100% of the time. There is always room for improvement and there is always room for the BEST. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction Skills Over Talent
0:40 | Why Skills Matter
2:49 | The Price Of Change
9:29 | Humans Lead with Belief
15:21| The 80/20 Rule
21:07 | Adapt or Die
30:51 | Q&A Session QUOTES: “If you’re prepared to become the best, you can become unstoppable [2:33] “All the things in your life that aren't to your satisfaction, those are all your fault.” [5:22] “Your life is the exact reflection of the choices you have made.” [9:08] “The game that you're playing is not success. The game that you're playing is not money. The game that you're playing is brain chemistry.” [12:33] “It doesn't matter who you are today. It only matters who you want to become, and the price you're willing to pay to get there.” [14:20] “Believing I'm worthless, does not serve me. And I don't do things that don't serve me.” [17:47] “The chasm of adaptation. It's the acquisition of skill set. It's getting better at something, it's becoming capable of something that you weren't capable of before.” [20:44] “The person that you are, has gotten you as far as is ever going to get you. So you've got to become a new person, you literally have to adapt. [22:02] “If on the other hand, what you really want is to actually reach your goals, then you're gonna have to stop worrying about feeling good about yourself.”[30:22] “The struggle is guaranteed. The success is not. And the thing that I beg you guys, is to have the guts to fail at something that you love.” [33:00] “I've looked like a fool so many fucking times I can't count. But when I look at my life in 10 year chunks, I'm freaked out by what I've accomplished.” [34:48]

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