Pathfinders’ Dawn of Understanding by Elle Travis

It is the year 2030. Six best friends discover a magical world under the earth where time stands still. A messenger fairy takes the teens through an education unlike anything they know. She transports them through historic ages and helps them remember truths found deep in their DNA. The teens hear wisdom from the giant whales that nature was never a competition or struggle of survival of the fittest, but rather all life; plants, trees, animals, insects, fish, microorganisms, and humans living in mutual cooperation. As the teens get a new education from Light Feather, another equally important mission is being carried out. Ms. Cheryl, a trailblazer and friend of the teens, is hard at work holding ceremonies at ancient sites where an energy grid crisscrosses the earth. It is being restored for the first time since the collapse of Atlantis. We learn how it mirrors a grid 60 miles above the earth which is under control of dark forces and has been for thousands of years. If Ms. Cheryl is successful, light forces from far away galaxies will be able to flip the grid and regain control. This will further accelerate the awakening of humanity to new possibilities for peace. Once their education is complete they take next steps for their initiation or ‘rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. Upon completion they attend a graduation ceremony on the other side of the earth in the Great Pyramid of Giza where they experience many surprises. They step into character as superheroes in waiting as they meet their mentors and practice perfecting their superpowers. They each tackle a different aspect of nature. Over time the teens’ crusade makes big changes to help people heal and that helps Mother Earth get better. Facebook:

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