“Our Society Is Collapsing!” – Here’s How To Get Ahead Of 99% Of People | Konstantin Kisin

Reclaim Control of Your Life Today: https://bit.ly/3PIdAH2 This episode is sponsored by Kajabi. Right now, Kajabi is offering a 30-day free trial to start your own business if you go to https://bit.ly/KajabiImpact. I have another enlightening episode of Impact Theory, and I'm genuinely excited to bring you this thought-provoking conversation with the brilliant Konstantin Kisin. We’re challenging the status quo and questioning how America is on the brink of becoming the next collapsing Roman Empire. We’re tackling the bold questions that need to be addressed. As we delve into this, we'll also explore why we might need a new set of rules – not just to survive, but to seize opportunities and safely navigate the dangers of our rapidly evolving world. Konstantin Kisin, brings to light some profound insights. He delivers simple statements packed with layers of meaning that we're going to unravel during our discussion: – Nature is a social construct and there is no ground truth
– Reality defined in the way we speak and why that is power
– Why rules of thumb equate to the success you experience Join us in this riveting discussion, where we break down complex ideas and strive to understand how we can all play by a better set of rules for success. So, hit that play button, and let's get started. Remember, your journey to success starts here, and it starts now on Impact Theory. So, buckle up for an episode filled with thought-provoking insights and hard-hitting truths. Kisin Quotes:
“One of the things that creates the core of a society its the interlocking of men and women.” “There is no such thing as reality, there is only power, and language is how power is exercised and how reality is constructed.” “We’re a moral paralysis in the west, at a level of society, […] we’re incapable of understanding that reality.” “The biggest problem with blank slate-ism is the attempt to pretend that human nature doesn’t exist.” Follow Konstantin Kisin:
Website: http://konstantinkisin.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KonstantinKisin Podcast: https://www.triggerpod.co.uk/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/konstantinkisin/

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