One Life by Anne-Marie Seidenschnur

Did you ever ask yourself whether you have lived before? Did you ask where or when? If you already believe in reincarnation, read this fascinating story from prehistoric Egypt about a previous life of the author that begins before birth and ends after death. This was the life of a priestess and pharaoh approx. 6000 years ago when Egypt was at its prime and the priesthood enlightened. It’s an inspirational tale, and you cannot help wondering – why is our world not a better place? And if you don’t believe in reincarnation – why not read the story and get to know a nearly Utopian society and ask yourself again: Is it really impossible that this did happen? And is it not possible that it may happen again? Memories of Joan Grant’s historical novels from past lives and Elisabeth Haich’s spiritual classic: “Initiation” come back to life. Joan Grant was the first to develop her gift of “far memory” into a form of reincarnation therapy with her psychiatrist husband, a therapy which is now popular worldwide. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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